Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A tale of two Christmas concerts

Tis the Christmas season and my church has had its share of events to celebrate the Advent of Christ. The two big events I look forward to each year are the Christmas concerts. One with adults and one with children. I loved both concerts but for very different reasons. Each allowed to me reflect on the Lord but from opposite perspectives.

With the adult Christmas concert there is a sense of Awe. The stage is packed with singers and musicians. This year a stage extension had to be built just to compensate for all the performers. The concert is big in scale and well rehearsed as the singers and musicians perform with meticulous precision.

As I sit in my seat I meditate on God's immensity, creativity, perfection, and beauty. My senses can hardly take hold of all the glory of the performance. I just sit there and let it wash over me. There is a purity in the high quality of it all.

A week later I attended the children's concert. Dozens of children, ages 5 to 12, crowd the stage. During their performance there are imperfections. Wavering voices, flubbed lines, wardrobe malfunctions (a young girl spent most of her stage time trying with great futility to keep her donkey ear from hanging in her face.)

There is another purity here. Purity in the truth of who these children are. When they sing it's from their hearts. Children haven't developed the skill of masking all their emotions the way adults do. You see their frustration, joy, confusion, personality. I love it. Their families sit watching and soaking it all up like the last portions of a winter soup. They adore their children just as they are, imperfections and all. Purity of the real.

This made my heart meditate on the shadow of how God views us. We're His children. We're flawed. He sees our hearts intentions and motives. He loves and adores us. I am grateful for a heavenly Father such as Him.

Merry Christmas.

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