Tuesday, September 27, 2011

we are the clay, and thou our Potter, II

Previously I discussed the starting process for throwing clay on a potter's wheel. Just as the clay must be centered on the wheel so must we too be centered in God's will to be formed into the right shape. So what makes for a good throwing clay?

Possibly the most crucial aspect of good clay is it's Plasticity. This is what determines how easy it is to mold and shape the clay. If you are working with a clay that is low in plasticity you will have to press hard and struggle against the clay to work it into the form that you are hoping for.

What does it look like for me to bear the characteristic of plasticity? I ask myself  - Do I resist correction? Am I teachable? When things aren't going my way to I fight the change or try to adjust my expectations and desires to align with truth?

I wish I could answer with an unabashed Yes! On the contrary I find that I am quite stubborn and filled to overflowing with my own expectations for my life. I am that two year old in the store who is throwing a fit; red, swollen face and wailing to wake the dead unless I get what I want.

Now if you are working with clay I hate to disappoint you but no matter how much you ask the clay to be more cooperative nothing is going to happen. But where we are truly blessed is that we can ask our Father to increase our plasticity. How could our great Potter be anything but delighted to answer our prayers for transformation away from selfish stubbornness into gentle submission under His omniscient guidance. How much greater would my life be if I could relinquish my pride and humble myself to the greater good that my God has for me?

This isn't easy, not by a long stretch. Not only am I not naturally inclined to this condition but I don't often want to be. In my final post in this series I will attempt to make sense of why I should even desire the characteristics of good clay and how to pursue that end.

All powerful, yet gentle Father, work your hands on my condition. Would you break me of my prideful stubbornness that seeks only it's own will. Please change the state of my heart to quiet itself before authority and wisdom and to know it's proper place before you. I ask you to give me a heart, mind and soul of high plasticity in your hands. May I be willing to follow the squeezing and stretching that you sovereignly bring in my life. Thank you for being patient with me. I know that I am safe in your hands. Amen.                                   

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