Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And then I don't feel so bad

We all have those days when it seems like nothing is going right. We have a bad hair day, we hit every red light when we're already running late for work, someone at the party is being charmed by someone we wish was us, we get our elbow stuck in a chair in the middle of a crowded room, our boss wants to "walk into" something we did that wasn't up to snuff, we wake up and find we are a literary character in a Russian novel or perhaps having under gone a metamorphosis into a giant vermin. We've all been there.

I find that on these days on of the best things I can do is to write a list of things that I love in life. Later I go back and read this list and I'm always amazed at how many things I forget about. I can't help but read my list and find a smile is sneaking it's way across my face.

Don't leave anything off the list. If it makes you happy put it down. From the eternally mind blowing awesomeness of our unmerited salvation in Christ Jesus to the smell of waffle cones at Disneyland.

Every now and then I like to go back and add things. This list can never be too long. Below is my list feel free to borrow any of mine if you find they resonate with you as well.


* Jesus Christ and His salvation,
* Family,
* Friends,
* Elatia,
* Falling asleep to the sound of Rain,
* listening to a skilled musician,
* Passionate People,
* Imagination,
* Australia,
* Stars,
* Elephants,
* Music,
* Thunder Storms,
* Making People's lives better,
* Hugs,
* Serving,
* Listening,
* Writing,
* Sending and receiving Real Letters,
* Scent of Waffle Cones,
* Gardens,
* Miniatures,
* Trains,
* Classic Disney: meaning everything made before the 70's.,
* Jackets,
* Chivalry,
* Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse,
* Coldplay,
* Cuddling,
* Wakeboarding,
* Flying at Night,
* Bowling,
* Fresh/New Sweatshirts,
* Fresh Pineapple,
* Chocolate Covered Strawberries,
* Old Books,
* the sound of an orchestra tuning right before a performance begins,
* Frosted Mugs,
* Hands,
* Toasted Bagels,
* Autumn,
* Pumpkins,
* Pie,
* Cats,
* Breathtaking views,
* BBQ Brisket,
* Texas
* Meeting New People
* Public Speaking
* Learning more about God
* That feeling when you come home after being gone awhile
* Staying up all night talking then watching the sunrise
* Finding Solitude (especially in So Cal)
* Holding Hands
* Scarecrows
* Dancing
* Laughing until I can't breath and I'm crying
* Having No homework
* the Joy of the Lord
* The Fruits of the Spirit
* Miracles
* Praying with others
* Dreaming the Impossible
* Drive In Movie Theaters
* Puffy White Clouds
* Sunshine
* Apples
* Fires
* Kites
* Old Couples in Love
* A Glass of Red Wine
* A Pint of Guinness
* Accents
* Hats

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  1. Haha, nice, Jonathan. I'm glad my experience made its way on to the pages of your blog. That makes my day. And your list is great! I love that there is so much to love about this world God has created! We too often forget. Thanks for reminding us!